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FEDEX is the largest transportation company in the world, providing fast and quality service delivery to the addresses of more than 220 countries and regions in the world. FedEx Express uses its global air and ground network for prompt delivery, within1-2 business days.

Transportation Company was founded in 1971, with the main office in Memphis, USA. Besides, Federal Express - the first air carrier, which has received worldwide quality certification ISO 9001.

FEDEX has spread its main locations worldwide:

- Central office (all regions): Memphis, Tennessee, United States

- Asian-Pacific: Hong Kong, China

- Canada: Toronto, Ontario

- Europe / Middle East / Africa: Brussels, Belgium

- Latin America: Miami, Florida, USA

The FEDEX staff is of more than 141,000 employees in various world locations. Estimated daily traffic volume is of about 3.5 million bags and 13 million pounds. For many years, the company has provided services to more than 220 countries and other locations, including any addresses in the United States.

The air fleet is involved more than 375 airports worldwide.

So, what exact is the main task of such huge company, the annual revenue of which is 14 US $ billion?!

FEDEX tasks and goals: cargo delivery system door-to-airport, airport-to-airport, door-door; packing the cargo; cargo insurance; customs clearance; loading and unloading operations; monitoring the load on the whole route and providing the confirmation on arrival.

Federal Express - is not just express delivery anywhere in the world. FEDEX gives safety guarantees of your shipment and take responsibility for the fact that the load will be delivered in time.